Revolution Group primarily invests in companies in the manufacturing, light manufacturing, industrial services, business services and infrastructure sectors. We are focused on entities with a competitive business model in industries displaying positive trends. The firm is primarily but not solely focused on Texas based companies.

  • Revenue: $10 million - $50 million
  • EBITDA: $2 million - $7 million
  • Transaction structure: Growth equity, management buyouts, acquisition bolt on, recapitalizations and restructuring
  • Geographic focus: United States
  • Strong business and industry momentum
  • Gross profit margins of at least 30%
  • Diverse customer base without strong customer concentration
  • Defensible business model with unique competitive advantage
  • Strong customer value proposition with highly enthusiastic customers

The firm will also evaluate coinvestments in larger middle market businesses through our
network and relationships with industry leading private equity firms.

  • About US

    Revolution Group is focused on providing financial and personnel resources to build great businesses and work well with companies seeking a trusted business partner.

  • Contact Info

    3500 Oakmont, Suite 200, Austin, Texas 78731

Telephone: (512) 627- 6693
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