• It's Time for
    Success With Us:

    Building a business is both exciting and challenging. We’ll provide the necessary financial and personnel resources to ensure your company’s long term success.

  • It's People
    That Matter

    We believe successful businesses are built by hard working, passionate, high integrity individuals. Cultural fit is extremely important to us. We make our investments in people and their ability to successfully execute a plan.

  • We Grow Business
    The Old Fashion Way

    We believe in long term partnerships with successful business owners. These owners understand the value of all stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers and others. We believe the only way to manage a business is to take a long term, patient approach with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.


Revolution Group LLC is an investment firm located in Austin, Texas focused on growth capital investments and buyout transactions in small to medium sized businesses. This includes minority and majority investments in manufacturing, light manufacturing, industrial services, business services and infrastructure companies.

The firm invests directly with business owners to structure transactions which meet their growth capital and liquidity needs. We are patient, long term investors committed to growing market leaders and world class businesses.


Benefits of working with Revolution Group include:

  • Opportunity to transition business and secure liquidity
  • Investment flexibility
  • Operational experience in growing successful businesses
  • Responsiveness
  • Patient, long term investment model
  • About US

    Revolution Group is focused on providing financial and personnel resources to build great businesses and work well with companies seeking a trusted business partner.

  • Contact Info

    3500 Oakmont, Suite 200, Austin, Texas 78731

Telephone: (512) 627- 6693
Email Address: info@revolutiongroupllc.com

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